Andy Murray to make Wimbledon return in Castore kit partly made of wool

The start of the Wimbledon Championships next Monday will see former champion Andy Murray competing in an “innovative” Merino wool kit that was developed by Castore’s Andy Murray-dedicated AMC brand and The Woolmark Company.

They’re created a “first-of-its-kind wool blend tennis apparel collection [that] has been engineered with Merino wool using cutting-edge technology to enhance athletic performance”.
Murray said he’d been testing the five-piece collection for several months and is “really happy with how it feels and performs”. He worked closely with the designers on each piece and gave regular feedback during the collection’s development. He said it scores highly on both technical performance and sustainability, as well as looking and feeling “a bit different”.

Meanwhile, Woolmark Company MD Stuart McCullough said the launch “elevates Merino wool to an entirely new level of performance on a global stage and demonstrates that Merino wool garments are both stylish and capable of use in an elite sporting environment”.