29 Current Fashion Trends In 2021 (Styles, Tips, and Brands to Know)

Knowing the current fashion trends is essential, even if most of your business meetings take place on Zoom these days.

Spotting the current fashion trends is not that easy though!

In the past, the latest trends were first stopped on the runways and fashion magazines.

Nowadays, designers and retailers are scouting social media, youth culture, streetwear style, and celebrities, looking for what is cool and fresh.

To a certain extent, this is the strangest spring/summer season ever – a fashion season with models wearing masks on the catwalk and an audience watching via Zoom.

But, in contrast to the apocalyptic settings the fashion industry is going through right now, the latest trends show artistry so fabulous that it lifts one’s mood from even the darkest depths of quarantine.

Compared to the neutral looks of the previous years, the 2021 fashion season is showcasing popular trends and bold designs inspired by pop culture rather than fashion magazines To some extent, current fashion trends mimic the silhouettes and patterns of the previous seasons, with one big difference.

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