Youth business owners get chance to sell their products Saturday

Youth business owners are getting the opportunity to sell their products at Junior Achievement’s Young Entrepreneur Marketplace on Saturday.

“Junior Achievement really believes in the power of entrepreneurship,” said Karen Cooper, the Vice President of Capstone Experiences. “It really gives you the ability to kind of take control, be your own boss, kind of reap the rewards that can come from that.”

Saturday’s event features 19 young entrepreneurs, ranging from ages 8 to 23. The different types of businesses those that sell artwork and jewelry, 3D printed objects, dog treats, people treats and books.

Cooper said it’s an opportunity for the young business owner to learn valuable life lessons.

“One is to earn some what we have to give back to others, some of the kids here are actually taking and giving back to others,” said Cooper. “Others are saving, there’s a lesson in there as well. We really find that they learn about the products that they’re making that the appeal to the right audience.”

The marketplace is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the corner of Barr Street and E Berry Street.

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