‘You’ Season 3 Features a Major Joe Goldberg Filming Flaw — and Fans Can’t Get Over It

Joe Goldberg, is that you? Fans have been binging season 3 of Netflix’s You since its debut earlier this month and one fan pointed out a potential filming flaw that has viewers shook.Following the season premiere on Friday, October 15, one TikTok user noticed that something was off about the photo of Joe (Penn Badgley) that appeared on the screen while Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) was texting him.

In another comment, the original poster teased, “Penn Badgley wasn’t available for the photo shoot so they got Peen Badleg from set design to step in and called it a day.”

The video has raked in nearly 200,000 “likes” from other curious You fans, many of whom joined in to roast the unflattering photo. “That’s Dan Humphrey,” one user commented, bringing up the 34-year-old actor’s Gossip Girl character.“Why that look like Mike the Situation,” another fan asked, while the original poster replied, “Joe the Situation Goldberg.”

You was originally a Lifetime series when it premiered in 2018 before it was brought to Netflix for its second season the following year. It was renewed for a fourth season shortly before the latest episodes dropped on Friday  and left viewers eager to see where the story will go next after Love’s shocking death.