The Best Free AI Music Generators Of 2023

The rise of AI-generated music has caused recent controversy, as people are using the software to create songs “sung” by big name artists like the Weeknd, Drake and Ariana Grande, leaving people to question whether it’s legal.
Even French DJ and producer David Guetta got in on the action when he played an AI-generated EDM song featuring an Eminem verse that sounded exactly like the rapper.Aiva has several different features users can use to create music. The first is called the generation profile, where users can create their own original compositions, or generations, from scratch. When creating a new generation, users customize their song by picking out their own time signature, key signature, tempo range, emotion, duration, types of instruments used and harmonic repetition. Once these are chosen, the software will create a custom composition, and the generation can be uploaded to the public profiles library. This is the second way users can create music, by using songs in the profiles library as a starting point and adding their own spin to it. The third way is by picking an option under preset styles. These range from jazz, orchestral and pop to alternative, heavy rock and trap. For this selection, users pick an emotion they want displayed through the song, the duration and the number of compositions, and the AI creates the song. The last option is to upload an “influence.” In AIVA’s guidelines, it’s recommended that users pick influences from Musescore, a place to create sheet music. The guidelines also state nothing uploaded “shall infringe upon the rights of any third party.” AIVA offers three types of subscriptions: the first is free, and includes three free downloads a month and durations up to three minutes, but credit must be given to the website, the user doesn’t own the copyright and it cannot be monetized. The second subscription costs 15 euros a month (around $16.54), and it allows 15 free downloads a month, durations up to five minutes and users don’t have to credit AIVA, but the copyright is still owned by AIVA and users can only monetize on social platforms like Twitch, TikTok and Youtube. The third plan costs 49 euros a month ($54.03). With this plan, users can make songs up to five minutes and 30 seconds long, download 300 songs a month, they don’t have to credit AIVA, and the users own the copyright and can fully monetize their songs.

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