‘You Play Golf, Right?’ Donald Trump Rambled On as Commanders Tried to Interrupt

donald trump thanksgiving 2020 election fraudThe foundations are ready for one of the best years we’ve ever had,” Donald Trump said in a 45-minute video teleconference on Thanksgiving, November 26, speaking to service members around the world, hinting at a second term. It would be a startling performance, even for him.

“Our nation is doing very well. It’s the highest honor of my life to serve as your Commander-in-Chief,” he said.

The president then called out specific units and commanders in Kuwait, in the Red Sea, at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and with his new Space Force, as he repeated a number of times.

“You keep watch around the world to detect missile launches, space launches, and nuclear detonations while providing critical intelligence,” he said to the commander of the 11th Space Warning Squadron in Colorado. “All of you are pioneers in the newest branch of our armed forces.”