Why Morbius Is Returning To Theaters (Will It Actually Work?)

Although Morbius was panned by critics and audiences, Sony is re-releasing it in theaters – but what prompted this decision, and will it actually benefit the film (and the studio)? While the Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps expanding, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is also continuing its course with more movies focused on some of Spider-Man’s most notable antagonists, and after the popularity of Venom, the latest character to join this universe was Morbius (Jared Leto).

Directed by Daniel Espinosa, Morbius introduced Dr. Michael Morbius, a scientist suffering from a rare blood disease. In an attempt to cure himself, Morbius came up with an experiment in which he spliced the genes of bats with his, and even though it worked, it also left him with a form of vampirism. If that wasn’t already an inconvenience, Morbius’ surrogate brother, Milo (Matt Smith), also took the cure against Morbius’ advice and went on a killing spree in order to feed. Morbius received negative reviews and was constantly mocked online… and yet, it’s getting a new chance.

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