West Virginia Jazz Society hosts a night of live music

On Saturday, the West Virginia Jazz Society hosted a night of fun and entertainment at the Benedum Civic Center in Bridgeport.

The event featured a series of what some are calling post-pandemic music performances with the society’s goal of having live music in a safe and healthy environment. Seating for the concerts was limited to 60 seats following social distancing guidelines issued by the CDC.

“We had a show scheduled on May 23, last year, the pandemic happened and we didn’t get to do it. This is May 22. So, it is like an anniversary show, and we really, really glad. It called a ‘come back concert’ and it’s about just coming back and getting people out in a safe environment listening to live music again,” said Eric Spelsberg, President of the WV Jazz society.

This event was only open to those who were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by showing proof of their vaccination card. Tickets for the event were $55 and included a catered dinner from Lewis County’s South Texas Barbecue Company.

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