Vikings’ Mike Zimmer criticizes Bears’ final second touchdown: ‘It didn’t matter at that point’

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer follows the play against the Lions in Detroit, Michigan, on Dec. 5, 2021. Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer is not a fan of Soldier Field.

The Chicago Bears played just as you might have expected them to during Monday night’s game against the Vikings. Down 17-3 and with just a second left on the game clock, rookie quarterback Justin Fields threw a 19-yard touchdown pass to tight end Jesper Horsted for the Bears’ only touchdown of the night.

Because of a 2018 rule change, Chicago wasn’t able to go for the extra point as it wouldn’t change the outcome of the game, but Zimmer seemed to think the final play of the game was also meaningless.

“It didn’t matter at that point,” Zimmer told reporters, via ProFootballTalk. “I thought the game should’ve been over on the play before. It was six seconds on the clock. But we won’t talk about the clocks in Chicago here anymore.”

Zimmer was referring to a November 2014 game against the Bears at Soldier field where he criticized the stadium clocks that had malfunctioned several times throughout the game.

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