This Home Gardening Mistake Can Make Your Food Toxic, According To Experts


a close up of a boy: sprouts

New ways of making our own food can be exciting, especially for anyone who wants to maximize their food’s health benefits while also possibly saving a little money. If you’ve been curious about a cooking trend that’s growing—literally—then an important tip that’s come out of a new study might help ensure the fruits of your dedication are actually plenty safe for you to eat.

Food Safety News published their report this weekend about a study led by a food safety specialist at Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences. Joy Waite-Cusic, Ph.D., conducted the study to examine a way to cut down Salmonella risk due to an increasingly popular practice: “Activating” some grains, sprouts, nuts, seeds, and legumes to create the conditions for them to become a plant. According to Mind Body Green, activation is said to release these foods’ most nutritional properties, causing them to deliver their greatest possible benefit to the consumer.

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