Swimming Australia president fires back at Maddie Groves ‘misogynistic perverts’ claim ahead of Olympic trials

Kieren Perkins, the president of Swimming Australia, has fired back at claims made by two-time silver medalist Maddie Groves that she withdrew from Saturday’s Olympic trials over “misogynistic perverts,” arguing that they have been unable to reach her regarding the issue and that they have no record of her previous complaint made on social media back in November.

Perkins, a two-time Olympic 1,500-meter gold medalist, told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. on Friday that Swimming Australia has not been able to have “a direct conversation” with Groves about a social media post she made on Thursday alleging misconduct in the sport.

“We have had an ongoing dialogue that has been generated by Maddie through social media. We reached out with her in December 2020 to try to engage with her on these concerns she has,” Perkins said, via The Associated Press.

“We have done it again now, and unfortunately at this point we have not been able to have a direct conversation with Maddie to understand exactly what her concerns are, who the people involved are, so that we can investigate it and deal with it.”