Suns reclaim momentum from Lakers thanks to their never-quit characteristics

Jae Crowder rects after shooting a 3-pointer against the Lakers.

After the Phoenix Suns dropped Game 3 against the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center and fell behind 2-1 in the series on Thursday, the overwhelming sentiment in the locker room after the game was they’re “bringing the series back to Los Angeles,” league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Where does this stern belief and resoluteness — which exudes largely from a team that’s inexperienced — come from? Chris Paul and Jae Crowder are the veterans with steady postseason experiences, but those never-quit characteristics have developed out of love for their coach.

“Guys check on me from time to time by shooting me a text, saying, ‘Hey Coach. I was just thinking about you. How are you doing?’ No basketball talk,” Suns head coach Monty Williams told Yahoo Sports. “Those calls and texts mean so much to me. I’ve been through a lot like so many have. (His wife was tragically killed in a car accident five years ago.) It’s always good to know people are in your corner and that’s what I try to give back.”