Spotify launches ‘Loud & Clear’ initiative for streaming transparency

Since streaming’s inception, artists and songwriters have frequently been left in the dark when it comes to why and how their royalties and payouts are calculated. In what appears to be an effort at increasing streaming transparency, Spotify is launching a new ‘Loud & Clear’ initiative.

Within the industry, the economics of artist streaming and payouts are talked about every day. Externally, however, artists and songwriters have been left in the dark for years. To ensure this information is more transparent moving forward, Spotify has launched a “Loud & Clear” initiative. Here’s everything you need to know about it…

In an interview with Pitchfork, Charlie Hellman, the vice president and head of marketplace at Spotify, comments: “For all the time I’ve been at Spotify, artist payouts and royalties have been an everyday topic—but I think externally, we haven’t said as much as we ought to to contribute more to the conversation…”

He continues, “That’s really what we’re trying to do here: Share a bit more and acknowledge that artists really deserve more clarity around how this music streaming economy is working.”

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