Sound Advice: The best way to play streaming music using a stereo system

The Bluesound Node is certainly an option, but you asked for the best and I still consider that to be the $1,099 Cambridge Audio CXN(V2) Network Streamer. It features top-notch sound, comprehensive features and an excellent display and interface. You can connect it to your stereo with a stereo RCA cable or a digital cable. Given the extremely high quality of the digital circuitry in the CXN(V2) I would use the stereo RCA connection.

The CXN(V2) is Roon Ready, and combining it with Roon makes it even more powerful. It would take more than an entire column to thoroughly discuss Roon but to sum it up, Roon is a powerful platform for organizing your streaming content and music files, making it easy to locate, enjoy and learn more about music. It’s a music geek’s dream come true and can be used with your home computer and the matching portable device apps, or with Roon’s own Nucleus Core device. If you love music, I strongly suggest you check out Roon at

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