Rick Scott has a beef with Joe Biden’s attacks on the meat industry

Rick Scott has a beef with Joe Biden's attacks on the meat industry

Scott says it’s not the industry’s fault meat costs too much.
U.S. Sen. Rick Scott stood up for the meat industry Monday, reacting to President Joe Biden‘s plans to take action on high meat prices.

“I’m thankful that people want to go produce meat,” Scott said on Mornings with Maria on the Fox Business Network.

Biden plans to crack down on what a fact sheet from the White House calls a “lack of competition hurting consumers, producers, and our economy” in the meat industry. Scott rejects this premise.

“I’ve got a grandson who does more than Joe Biden does to solve problems,” Scott quipped. “I mean, Joe Biden takes no responsibility. Joe Biden and the Democrats are causing this.”

“I mean, look, companies want to service their customers. And they’re competing. And they’re competing for price, quality, service. Stop beating up companies. Start reducing taxes, regulation,” Scott said, before going on to discuss his record of tax and regulation cuts as Florida Governor last decade.

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