Reds’ Nick Castellanos hits home run during on-air memorial: ‘Never a great time to eulogize someone’

See the source imageRoyals play-by-play announcer Ryan Lefebvre learned the hard way Monday night there is never a good time to eulogize someone during a live broadcast. He also learned that Reds third baseman Nick Castellanos has terrible timing when it comes to home runs.

Lefebvre in the top of the seventh took time to memorialize George A. Gorman, a World War II veteran and father of 26th-year Royals equipment manager Pat Gorman. George Gorman died Saturday at the age of 96.

Unfortunately for Lefebvre, Castellanos delivered a solo home run on the first pitch of the inning — his 17th of the year — interrupting him and forcing him to call the play (which knotted the game 2-2).

“Pat, just like his dad, went to (the University of Kansas), also went to Bishop Ward High School … there’s a drive into deep-left center field,” Lefebvre said. “And there’s never a great time to eulogize someone during the broadcast. So we apologize for the timing.”

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