Red Riders stay red-hot, win city championship

The Red Riders remained red-hot as Weir broke open up a close game against city-rival Madonna en route to a 14-0 victory in four-and-a-half innings Monday evening at home in the city championship game to once again win the city bragging rights.

“To Weir alumni and to the girls, winning the city championship is very important,” first-year Weir (20-7) head coach John Leary said. “It gives them city bragging rights. It may mean more to the parents, but being city champions means a lot to the girls. It means whenever they walk around the city they can say they are city champions. They got us in girls’ basketball. Five of my softball players also play girls’ basketball. This takes a little bit of the sting away from that. These girls play against each other their whole lives, and then they compete against each other in high school. 

“Winning the city championship is meaningful. I think this is the first group of seniors who have never lost a city championship game. We won it their sophomore year. I remember coming here with Frank (Sisinni) in 2016, and we set this as a goal. Going into that year, it had been many years since we won it.”

The Red Riders erupted for 13 runs in the bottom of the fourth inning to break open what was a close game.