Read the fine print when choosing health insurance to ensure it covers 4 ‘very common’ costs: Doctor

“A lot of health is unpredictable … but there are certain things you can plan for, like pregnancy.”

The average cost of an employee-sponsored health insurance plan for a family of four was more than $22,000 in 2021, according to an annual survey of employers conducted by the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation.

Employees paid nearly $6,000 of that total, with employers covering the remaining cost. Since 2011, average family premiums have increased 47%, more than wages (31%) or inflation (19%), the survey found.

With health insurance premium costs rising, you want to make sure the plan you pick during open enrollment covers your medical needs. You may be surprised to learn many common health-care costs aren’t covered by some plans. “You have to look at the fine print,” says Dr. Davis Liu, chief clinical officer at Lemonaid Health and the author of “The Thrifty Patient.”

Here are four “very common” medical needs some insurance plans don’t cover, according to Liu.

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