Farmers Union Insurance Pledges $50,000 Gift to JRMC Cancer Center






When caring for cancer, individuals need more than medicine.

Cancer care impacts a person’s body, mind and soul. That’s why Farmers Union Insurance (FUI) made a $50,000 gift to the REACH program at Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

REACH stands for Resources, Educate, Advocacy, Care and Hope. JRMC’s REACH Coordinator Kalen Heller meets with every JRMC Cancer Center patient to discuss diagnosis and treatment plans, apply for programs that offer financial assistance, offer spiritual care and learn about life as a cancer survivor.

The coordinator provides support and other services to help reduce the stress of the patient and their family through all phases of treatment and recovery.

Patients have the option of meeting regularly with the REACH coordinator after this initial consult.

“We always wanted to offer spiritual care and care for survivorship,” said JRMC Foundation Director Lisa Jackson.

“However, we didn’t expect to offer it so soon. In the two years since we’ve opened the JRMC Cancer Center, we’ve saved 500,000 miles of travel and offered holistic care to our patients.