Read AltPress’ first interview with Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance

Featured in the August 2004 issue 193, My Chemical Romance made their major Alternative Press feature debut before appearing on the cover of issue 197 in December 2004. Following the release of their sophomore album in June 2004, ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge,’ the group were interviewed by Leslie Simon and shot by Anthony Saint James. To celebrate the 17-year anniversary of ‘Three Cheers,’ we’ve unearthed the full first interview with vocalist Gerard Way.

While it seems that everyone is trying to sell you a CD or a silk-screened hoodie, My Chemical Romance just want you to feel something, and they don’t care if it’s heartfelt or dirty.

My Chemical Romance seemingly came out of nowhere in the winter of 2003. Nowhere being Newark, New Jersey, where vocalist Gerard Way, guitarist Ray Toro, bassist Mikey Way, guitarist Frank Iero and drummer Matt Pelissier sharpened their vampire teeth at basement shows and shithole dive bars, and though together only a couple of months, managed to land themselves coveted opening slots for acts such as Taking Back SundayFinch and the Used. With music more ghoulish than a Halloween party at the Osbournes’ and a stage presence more intoxicating than a pink at Harry Buffalo, MCR were a hit with their peers but a harder sell to audiences.