Oreo Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Fond of recipes made with oreo biscuits? Then you need to bookmark this recipe for sure. This delicious Oreo Chocolate Mousse has a melt in mouth texture and will instantly satiate your sugar cravings.

You can serve them in cute little jars or glasses with some whipped cream as a garnish and they will look absolutely tempering. You can serve it during birthdays or to your kids and people of all ages will like it.

This easy recipe can be prepared to satisfy your sweet tooth at anytime during the day. So, roll up your sleeves and try this yummy recipe today only.

Step 1 Remove the cream from cookies and crush them
Firstly remove the white cream from oreo cookies. Place the cookies in a grinder and crush them.

Step 2 Prepare whipped cream
Now place the white cream from cookies in a bowl. Add heavy cream and use an electric hand whisker to blend it properly. Add sugar and whisk it till you get stiff peaks. Take out 2 tbsp whipped cream separately, as we’ll use it as a garnish in the end.

Step 3 Add crushed cookies
Now add crushed cookies to the cream and fold it. Mix till you get a smooth mixture. Now pour it into a pipping bag.

Step 4 Fill in jars or glasses
Fill the mixture into 2 jars or glasses.

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