New club at Frederica Academy promotes mental, physical health

A new club offered at Frederica Academy brought students together this year to promote activities focused on improving the mental and physical health of those on campus and Golden Isles residents.

Recent graduate Maddison Moore founded the Health and Wellness Club this year in hopes of creating an inclusive organization that could foster positivity.

“I always wanted something that focused more on…mind, body and spirit,” Moore said. “I want something to empower people who don’t exactly feel included in a lot of things, and I just wanted it to offer spiritual and physical and every type of growth for every student who wanted to be involved in it.”

The club quickly became one of the most popular on campus, initially to the surprise of its founders.

“For our first meeting back in September, we thought if we could get 20 kids, that would be great,” said Nikki Pope, school nurse at Frederica and co-advisor of the club. “We had 30 come to the first meeting. We’re up to over 60 kids in our group now because they just keep joining.”

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