New Bergantino Bass Cabinet

Celestion, the premier supplier of guitar and bass loudspeaker tone celebrated for both their classic guitar tones and their high-quality digital downloads, is pleased to announce the introduction of a new range of impulse responses, the Bergantino Bass Cab IRs,  featuring the sounds of  Bergantino Audio Systems’  NXT (Neo X-Treme) and NXV (Neo X-treme Vintage) ranges of bass guitar cabinets in stunning digital detail. The Bergantino Bass Cab IRs, the latest addition to Celestion’s Backline Heroes Range of IRs, are available for audition and download at CelestionPlus.

The new Celestion Bergantino Bass Cab IR collection includes eight cabinets in a range of single and stacked cabinets, with and without tweeters. They feature custom-designed Celestion drivers featuring the exclusive NXT neodymium motor technology created in partnership with bass amplification pioneer Jim Bergantino.

The NXT bass speakers are one of kind in the industry and have a sound quite unlike a standard bass speaker, with the fast attack and clarity that neo-magnet speakers are famed for, blended with a warmth and punch more expected from ceramic magnets, producing a speaker with a complex, record-ready sound that adds richness to the bottom end for genres ranging from metal to country to pop and all points in-between.