NBA reprimands Nets security guard who shoved Bucks’ P.J. Tucker during altercation with Kevin Durant

The NBA reprimanded the Brooklyn Nets security guard who aggressively knocked the Milwaukee Bucks’ P.J. Tucker out of the way during an altercation involving Kevin Durant and Tucker during Game 3 in Milwaukee.

Antjuan Lambert, who is listed in the Nets media guide as director of team security, will not work any remaining games of the Eastern Conference semifinal in Milwaukee and will not be assigned to the court area in Brooklyn during the series, the NBA said.

The incident happened with 4:21 left in the third quarter Thursday. Tucker fouled Durant, and the two players began a heated face-to-face conversation. Lambert ran onto the court and forcefully bumped Tucker out of the way. Tucker took immediate objection and began yelling at Lambert. A Bucks security official got between Lambert and Tucker.

Lambert worked in a similar position with Golden State for a season when Durant played for the Warriors, according to his LinkedIn page. Lambert at one time also served as Durant’s personal bodyguard, according to The Athletic.

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