Music Veteran Pili Pili Opens Up about Life after Taking Long Break from Industry

Peter Jerome Gatonye Ngugi, popularly known as Pili Pili, rose to fame in the Kenyan music scenes and before suddenly taking a noticeable hiatus from the music industry. He talked to about what he has been up to since he stopped releasing music.

First of all, he still maintains that he is still in the industry even though he has not been releasing any music lately, or doing anything crazy in the name of chasing clout. “I believe once you are a musician, you will always be a musician. I love music, this was and still is my first love. I still do live performances whenever there is a gig I am called upon.

I perform some of my unreleased music, and again I still participate in the industry in other capacities,” he said. Considered as one of the best artistes the country has ever produced, Pili Pili acknowledged his fans’ support and constantly thanked them for the major role they played in building his career and making his craft popular.

Since he stopped releasing music and disappeared from the limelight, he immersed himself in other hustles to help diversify ways to ace a living. “I think after the pandemic, it has dawned to humanity the realisation that one needs to diversify to mitigate any future shortcomings on matters of income and survival. It is safe to say one cannot depend on one income and this hits hard on the music industry or art and talents in general,” he added.