Music returns to Morningside’s Eppley Auditorium

Morningside College hosted a choir concert at Eppley Auditorium Sunday.

The performance, ‘Over the Meadows of Music’, is the first live performance the choir has held since the start of the pandemic.

It featured songs of hope and endurance.

Members of the Morningside Choir stepped onto the Eppley Auditorium stage once again to perform after COVID put an abrupt halt to normalcy.

“I’m proud to be the choir director at Morningside College. Especially all that we have championed this year. All that the students have gone through, all our entire college, nation, the world have gone through. To lead these students has been a complete honor, a privilege, and a joy. They’re very talented and they have taken it all in stride. It’s a feeling of exhilaration,” said Dr. Ryan Person, Director of Choral Activities.

For sophomore Collin Adank, one emotion, in particular, comes to mind after getting back on the stage.

“Feelings of joy. So much joy. You can hear it in Eppley Auditorium, there’s so much joy. You can look into the crowd, you can see all the smiles. And being able to do that for our community and the Siouxland area is a special experience,” said Adank.

The choir is back to doing what it loves the most.

“I can’t even think of the words. It feels great. It feels reassuring. Hopeful for the future, knowing that hey if we’ve got this back, what’s next? One thing at a time. It feels so good to be back on stage with a family again, a choir family,” said freshman and tenor Chandler Todd.

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