Mickey Callaway should never be associated with Major League Baseball again

The worst kind of coward is the one who preys on the vulnerable, those who in many ways are powerless to fight back or far less likely to be believed in a he said-she said situation.

The kind of coward Mickey Callaway is.

Until Wednesday, Callaway was the Los Angeles Angels’ pitching coach, a former Major League Baseball manager.

Now he’s just an unemployed creep.

Callaway used his position as a coach and potential source for multiple female media members to persistently harass them, sending no fewer than five women texts, emails, even LinkedIn messages trying to get them to get drunk with him. He asked for topless photos in response to the unsolicited shirtless photos he was sending them. When he saw them in person he was no less persistent, making inappropriate comments about getting together with them or their appearance or other things that made them uncomfortable.

The offensive behavior was revealed by Brittany Ghiroli and Katie Strang of The Athletic earlier this year, with information provided by the women Callaway harassed and others. MLB opened an investigation not long after Ghiroli and Strang’s report was published, and on Wednesday the league announced Callaway had been banned through the end of the 2022 season.

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