Michael Bloomberg warns Democrats ‘headed for a wipeout’ in midterms

Former New York City mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg penned a scathing op-ed Tuesday warning Democrats are “headed for a wipeout” in the midterm elections this November.

Citing the recent recall of three school board members in “America’s most liberal city,” San Francisco, Bloomberg argued that his party is in need of an “immediate course correction” that prioritizes quality education over “political correctness” and fighting “culture wars.”

“The political earthquake that just occurred in San Francisco should be a dire warning to the national Democratic Party, because the same fault line stretches across the country and the tremors are only increasing,” Bloomberg wrote on the Bloomberg news site.

“First, the school board members failed to show any urgency in reopening schools even when it was clear that doing so was safe — and that remote classes were leaving students further and further behind. As private schools opened, public schools remained closed.

“Nothing has widened social achievement gaps more than poorly conceived remote instruction. Parents know this, and Democratic elected officials need to show them that they know it, too,” he continued.