Matt Patricia among those ‘heavily involved’ in the Patriots’ draft process this year

Matt Patricia’s stint as head coach of the Detroit Lions was a debacle, but his former team was happy to give him a new chance to reinvent himself and get his career back on track. The New England Patriots brought him in after he was fired by the Lions, and it seems as if he has taken on an active role behind the scenes since his return.

Head coach and general manager Bill Belichick, who held his annual pre-draft press conference on Thursday, spoke about Patricia’s part within the scouting process. Apparently, the Patriots’ former defensive coordinator has played a big part in it.

“Matt has rejoined us and has been heavily involved in the process,” said Belichick.

What exactly Patricia’s new gig with the Patriots entails is not public knowledge, but he has given plenty of assignments so far. The 46-year-old was brought in to assist the coaching staff but has also been involved in free agency and contract negotiations, at times even signing deals on the team’s behalf.

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