Man’s $5m Krispy Kreme Lawsuit Over Lack Of Real Fruit

When you’re looking to make sure you have your five-a-day, the donut maker Krispy Kreme probably isn’t the place you’d think of.
The indulgent treats tend to feature chocolate, caramel, and a lot of sugar.
However, one man took umbrage at the company over the lack of real fruit in its deserts.
In 2016, Jason Saidian, of Los Angeles, sued Krispy Kreme for $5 million because some of its fruit-flavored deserts did not contain real fruit.
He argued that if the description of a donut said “Glazed Raspberry Filled”, that donut needed to contain actual raspberry.
He made the same argument for the company’s blueberry donuts.
However, when he checked the ingredients, he found it did not.
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He also argued the Maple Bar and other maple products did not have any maple in them.
His lawsuit pointed out some of the products did contain fruit, like the Glazed Lemon Donuts.
It was this inconsistency that led to the lawsuit.
The suit said the company: “induces unsuspecting consumers into believing that the Blueberry Products contain actual blueberries.”
However, for reasons unknown, Saidian dropped the lawsuit in 2017.

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