LSU football: Ed Orgeron ‘caught lightning in a bottle’ as the Tigers’ coach, analyst says

Ed Oregon had a tough time since winning a national championship with LSU during the 2019 season. In fact, Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt said Orgeron caught lightning in a bottle and might not be long for the Tigers job much longer.

Klatt was not the only analyst worried about Orgeron’s future. ESPN’s Paul Finebaum questioned the LSU coach’s future with the program following their loss to Auburn last weekend. Speaking on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Klatt said it was hard to defend Orgeron’s record as a head coach, sans the national championship year.

“It’s hard to defend his record,” Klatt said. “And you can say, ‘What do you mean? He won the national championship?’ He struck lightning in a bottle with a transfer quarterback that had a magical season with a young coordinator that was doing things that were very unique in the conference offensively. They had great weapons around him. That was a lightning in a bottle year that was one of the great teams in college football history that just kind of manifested.

“Now he has a lot to do with that, but then he lost those two coordinators Joe Brady and Dave Aranda. Remember Dave Aranda took the job at Baylor and he’s doing a nice job (there). So he had to retool his staff and he hired guys that he had to fire the next year, including Bo Pelini, who was a disaster defensively. If you take, and I know this is not fair to do, but if you look at his record at LSU, and you take the 15-0 out … it’s not great.