Louisiana officials criticize insurance companies after hurricane damage

Louisianians are fed up with insurance companies, speaking of their frustrations caused by slow-moving processes, struggles to contact providers and too-small insurance payouts after two years of severe storms.

Hurricane Ida landed in August, devastating large swathes of southeastern Louisiana. Months after the hurricane, people are still living in FEMA trailers or other temporary housing, waiting for insurance payouts to come. The Louisiana Legislature’s joint insurance committee held a hearing on the frustrating response Wednesday.

“It’s Louisiana in September. It’s 90-something degrees and you can’t live in your car. You look down the block and here’s somebody living in a mold infested garage, you try to talk him into moving into his car.

It’s a dangerous scenario. We’ve got to see more education. We need to see carriers be a little bit more willing to fund their people,” said Doug Quinn of the American Policyholder Association, a nonprofit organization that looks out for policyholders, at the hearing.

Under current law, insurance companies need to send adjusters out within a month and can be given an additional 30 days during disasters to come back with a claim.