Launch of a unique @Work Connected Health Platform by HDgtl, an Indo USA enterprise Well@Work – Personal Health Monitor

an Indo USA enterprise announces the launch of Well@Work Connected Health Informatics Platform (CHIP), on 12 May 2021. Well@Work CHIP is an innovative Health Wallet that enables an individual (Employee) track health at work and home and have access to

Telehealth, Symptom analyzer, share records with consent and revoke access as needed and access to unique Wellness services such as Digital Yoga, Digital Therapeutic Music, Diet Management, Counselling and Women’s Health. The solution available on iOS and Android devices is HIPAA compliant, GDPR compliant and offers contemporary encryption-based security and blockchain based audit trail of log of records shared and accessed. The solution enables a comprehensive repository for medical records of an individual and has a Covid dedicated module – “CoviPass” to store Covid tests reports as well as Covid Vaccine certificates to facilitate access where proof of vaccine is a prerequisite.

Noteworthy of mention is the fact that this innovative product has been developed in HDgtl by a founding team of very eminent doctors and leading technology executives based in India, UAE, and the Silicon-valley in USA.

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