Here’s How To Use Night Affirmations for Better Sleep

Some people can sleep like a baby, anywhere, anytime, within seconds. I am not one of those people—I have horrible insomnia—something many people nowadays also suffer from, same goes for disrupted sleep patterns, wherein you may struggle to either fall asleep or stay sound asleep (or both!).

If you don’t have a regular sleep schedule in place, your body never has an opportunity to settle into a rhythm and routine. Plus, it can be tricky to wind down before bed if you are naturally a night owl, or if you have a mind that races every second—this is where relaxation techniques like night affirmations can help, as they can ease tension and promote more positive energy.

What’s more: Night affirmations may facilitate better focus, quiet your mind, and promote less anxiety and greater relaxation—pretty powerful stuff for mini mantras.

And if you do have an anxiety disorder or are dealing with heightened, periodic, or chronic stress (which can have the same short-term effects on your ability to catch zzzs), then night affirmations for sleep may be especially beneficial since they’re geared toward building more harmony, confidence, and inner peace.

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