Heavy on lemonade and glucose too! This fruit is no less than a lifesaver to avoid dehydration in summer.

People have to struggle with stomach problems during the summer season. Due to excessive heat, people have to face diseases like dehydration, diarrhea etc. Due to which people feel weak. In Ayurveda, many fruits prove useful in solving this problem. Like the wood apple fruit has many medicinal properties. Drinking wood apple juice provides relief from all stomach problems.
Patanjali store operator of Saharanpur, Ayurveda Acharya Dr. Gaurav Saini said that hot winds in summer are physically harmful for a working person. Therefore, in such weather, every person should avoid harmful things in his food items and drink as much water as possible. Apart from this, he said that people who work regularly, whether they are job professionals or farmers, should take measures to protect themselves from the strong sun and hot winds during the summer season.
Bael juice is beneficial for stomach related diseases
Ayurveda Acharya Dr. Gaurav Saini told that stomach problems and diseases occurring during the summer season can be treated with the fruit of wood apple. He told that according to Ayurveda, drinking wood apple juice during the summer season has many physical benefits for a person. As stomach disorders go away, skin related diseases disappear.
Bael is beneficial for the entire body
Dr. Gaurav Saini told that apart from this, consuming wood apple also increases the physical strength of a person. Bael is an effective medicine in removing dehydration. He told that in case of diarrhea, a person gets a lot of benefit by drinking wood apple juice. Ayurveda Acharya told that in general a person should consume wood apple fruits during the summer season. This maintains the internal strength of the person’s body.

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