Harris fires back at Democrats’ claims she’s being ‘set up to fail’

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris speaks during an infrastructure announcement at AFL-CIO December 16, 2021 in Washington, DC. 

Vice President Kamala Harris said Sunday that she does not believe she is being “set up to fail” amid complaints by fellow Democrats that she has been handed an impossible portfolio by President Biden during their first year in office.

During a pre-recorded interview with CBS’s Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation,” Harris was asked to address criticism by Democrats that the vice president is being given a portfolio designed to work against her.

“No, I don’t believe I’m being set up to fail,” Harris fired back.

“I’m the Vice President of the United States,” she continued. “Anything that I handle is because it’s a tough issue, and it couldn’t be handled at some other level. And there are a lot of big, tough issues that need to be addressed, and it has actually been part of my lifelong career to deal with tough issues and this is no different.”

Harris refused to say whether she believed the scrutiny was due to the fact that she’s a Black woman.