Greece fires spread uncontrolled, killing a fireman

blaze on eviaTwo people have been killed and six areas put on high alert as uncontrolled wildfires spread across Greece.Huge clouds of smoke are billowing over the northern outskirts of Athens, where people are being urged to leave their homes.

A 38-year-old volunteer firefighter was killed by a falling electricity pole in a suburb of the capital. Greece’s prime minister says a heatwave has turned the country into a powder keg. Firefighters are battling 154 wildfires across the country.

Fanned by unpredictable winds, the worst blazes are around the north of Athens. Fires are also raging on the nearby island of Evia, and areas close to ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. “We are facing another, more difficult night,” said government minister Nikos Hardalias.

“Wildfires of unprecedented intensity and spread, all our forces are fighting the battle day and night to save lives, together with volunteers.”

Thousands of people have been ordered to leave their homes outside Athens as the blaze tore through houses, cars and businesses.

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