Apple Health Dental Reimbursement Rates Increase – State Of Reform


See the source imageReimbursement rates for almost all Apple Health-covered services increased 100% on July 1st.

During the 2021 legislature, Washington state lawmakers passed $ 76 million in its 2021-23 budget to improve access to care through higher reimbursement rates for performance-related benefits for adult Medicaid dental patients.

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Washington state Medicaid dental rates are among the lowest in the country, according to the Arcora Foundation, Washington Foundation’s Delta Dental. This makes it difficult for providers to participate in the program. Reimbursement rates have not increased in Washington state since 2007. Before the increase, Medicaid reimbursement rates were approximately 32% of the total cost of service delivery, compared to a national average of approximately 50%.

“The result is that while Apple Health dental care is essential, it is not always equated with access to medical care. These new increased Apple Health reimbursement rates for adult dental services show real progress in our state’s commitment to improving equity in oral health. ”

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