Don Cheadle Reacts to Backlash from His Viral Interview with Kevin Hart

Don Cheadle is standing up for Kevin Hart.The comedian interviewed the Avengers star for an episode of his Peacock talk show last week and one moment from their conversation ended up going viral.

During a discussion about generational wealth, Don mentioned that he was 56-years-old and Kevin reacted by exclaiming, “Damn!”

The video quickly went viral, with many calling out Kevin for being rude over social media.

Don took to Twitter on Monday (August 16) to react to the backlash.

The actor quote-retweeted a social media user’s criticism of Kevin and wrote, “EVERYBODY, please watch the entire episode. On top of understanding that this is just how we play it’s a really good one, I think.”

“The first question he asks me is, “drugs; do you do them?” In the parking lot I said he looked like a black-o-lantern in that suit. It’s just us,” he continued, adding two laughing emoji faces.

Ahead of the episode’s release, Kevin also shared a clip from their interview to his Instagram and said the conversation was an example of them “doing what [they] do best… being a–holes to each other.”

Kevin recently revealed why he turned down an offer to fly to space.