Dog Owner Takes Fur from Her Fluffy Samoyeds and Knits it into Scarves: ‘It’s Quite Like Angora’

A knitter is crafting clothes from hair shed by her beloved pet dogs.

Jane Crewe, 57, is devoted to her Samoyed dogs — a Siberian breed known for its thick white fur.

The innovative crafter collects the hair her canines Artemis and Phaidra, both 7, shed and uses a spinning wheel to turn the snow-colored fluff into yarn. Crewe then knits her handmade dog fur yarn into soft hats and scarves.

Crewe, who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, transforms dog fur into yarn by washing the discarded hair, drying it for two to three days, and then spinning it into yarn.

To make sure she has enough material, Crewe sometimes uses Facebook to connect with other Samoyed owners to get more fluff — spinning some of the fur into yarn for the owner. As word of Crewe’s unique skill begins to spread, more Samoyed owners are sending the artisan fur to make into yarn. So far, Crewe has sent custom yarn to 100 Samoyed owners.