DOD’s electronic health records rollout hits 30% completion

The Defense Department’s rollout of the Cerner commercial electronic health records system is nearly a third complete, with 42,000 active users across more than a dozen states, officials told reporters on a press call on June 10.

Holly Joers, the acting program executive officer for Defense Healthcare Management Systems, said the latest deployment, Wave Carson Plus, of MHS Genesis wrapped April 24, marking 30% completion of the systems rollout across military treatment facilities.

That deployment was the largest to date, extending across 11 states and 20 military installations, adding about 10,000 active users to the system.

Joers said the progress to date means that DOD is on schedule for completion at the end of 2023 with the next ‘go live” deployment called Wave Tripler scheduled for in Hawaii at the end of September.

“As of this summer we will have about 12 waves in flight,” Joers told reporters June 10.

Joers said that while each wave and deployment has its own lessons that can be applied for future migrations, the adoption process has been set on what to expect.

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