DE’WAYNE poured his whole life experience into his debut record ‘Stains’

DE’WAYNE can’t help but smile every time he answers a question, no matter how serious the topic is. His personality and spirit are just infectious that way.

For a young man on the verge of releasing his debut full-length, DE’WAYNE is almost surprisingly calm while talking about the record. Where there would be nerves, instead he’s energized to finally be releasing a collection of music that is 100% authentic to him and his life.

Stains, out now via Hopeless Records, is the amalgamation of a lifetime of experience and hardship. At just 25 years old, but wise beyond his youth, DE’WAYNE has gained a worldview perspective on survival, family, how to be authentic to himself and so much more. While his 11-track debut serves an assemblage of guitar-heavy tracks and upbeat rhythms fueled by brutal honesty, Stains also offers a manifesto of maturity and dialogue that has helped him to create a sense of community and plainly announces his intentions as an artist.

It’s clear from the album opener “National Anthem” to the closing track “Me Vs You” that DE’WAYNE has poured his entire existence and lifeblood into creating Stains. Across each track and intertwined between every lyric, DE’WAYNE is unafraid to expose unhealed wounds and drench himself in his experiences.