DC Multiverse Lex Luthor Power Suit Figures Launch From McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys has added two new figures to their DC Multiverse lineup, and if you’re into Lex Luthor, this is the wave for you. The first figure features Lex in his New 52 comics green power suit. The second figure features his blue power suit from Justice League: The Darkseid War with the Superman symbol that he wears as the God of Apokolips.

Both of the McFarlane Toys 7-inch Lex Luthor figures feature up to 22 points of articulation and a collectible art card. The Darkseid War figure is particularly interesting in that it also includes an Apokolips throne. Pre-orders for both figures are available here at Entertainment Earth for $19.99 each. New 52 Lex is expected to arrive in October. Darkseid War Lex is expected to arrive in December.

While you’re at it, you might want to check out the McFarlane Toys figures that were released in recent days – Lobo based on his appearance in DC Rebirth and Superboy Prime from Infinite Crisis. You can take a closer look right here, and pre-order details are available below.