Dan Mullen continues his losing fight against recruiting

Dan Mullen has picked another hill to fight the media and fans, but this time he’s in danger of poisoning the lifeblood of his program all so he can continue to be a controversial, know-it-all contrarian.

After weeks of the back-and-forth at quarterback between veteran Emory Jones and freshman Anthony Richardson, the Florida coach tapped into the talking point he leaned on during his entire tenure as the brazen underdog at Mississippi State: recruiting.

I’ve poked Mullen enough this season, so we’ll keep this (relatively) short following a 34-7 loss against Georgia, the overwhelming No. 1 team in the country. Mullen is slippery, as I have mentioned before, but he’s also something of a genius while remaining inconsistent. It’s difficult pinning him to one single issue, whether it’s just an every-day topic or identifying the weaker roots within his program. The myriad troubles each week (penalties, defense, offense, quarterback rotation, etc.) for the Gators, now 4-4 this season, lead to one answer: the Florida coach has simply not performed as expected while leading the program, and while an 8-4 record was somewhat expected in the preseason, the way in which these Gators will get there was not.