‘Creating magic with our music’

Cross-pollinating songs with funk, jazz, hip hop, reggae, rock, bluegrass and pop, as well as fictitious characters, Big Something has created an innovative and eccentric approach to music.

Commonly considered an American alternative rock band, one only has to listen to a few of songs to know there is considerably more to their sound. Big Something was formed in 2009 in Elon, North Carolina, and has been playing Telluride, including the annual Ride Festival, since 2016. Big Something lead vocalist and guitarist Nick MacDaniels noted that Telluride is one of the band’s all-time favorite places to visit and engage with audiences, and other than the Ride shows, they’ve enjoyed playing shows at the Sheridan Opera House the past several winters.

“We are called Big Something because we have this melting pot of influences coming from each of the band members,’” MacDaniels said. “We have a pretty diverse group of personalities in the band, and we all come from different musical backgrounds. We’ve got some metalheads in the band, and then we’ve got some more traditional bluegrass, southern rock inspiration, hip hop.

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