Cowboys’ ‘original 88’ Pearson savors hall nod

Drew Pearson celebrated his entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame with all three first-ballot members of the class of 2021: Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson and Charles Woodson.

The “original 88” of the Dallas Cowboys figured it didn’t much matter anymore that he had to wait almost 40 years.

“With those first-ballot guys, I had to look over and see if they were happier than me,” Pearson said. “They were no happier than I was getting in. They’re first ballot, I’m 38 years later and I’m just as happy as they are, they’re just as happy as I am.”

A year earlier, Pearson wasn’t very happy at all.

The receiver who caught the Hail Mary from Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach was a finalist for the special 13-member centennial class in 2020, and invited family, friends and television cameras to his house for the announcement.

When he didn’t make it, Pearson tried to hide his anger and disappointment, but couldn’t. A year later, he was alone when word came that he was the only finalist in the senior category, all but a guarantee that Pearson was in.

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