Clemson football: Dabo Swinney asked if he’s talking to mentors during Tigers’ rough start

Clemson fell to 2-2- this past Saturday with a loss at NC State, marking the first time the Tigers have lost two or more regular season games since 2014. It certainly puts Dabo Swinney’s streak of making his seventh-straight College Football Playoff appearance.

For a coach like Swinney who has been so accustomed to winning, these times can be challenging. While speaking with the media Tuesday, Swinney was asked if he’s talked to his mentors during this time.

“I talk to lots of people,” Swinney said. “Fortunately, I get lots of people that reach out to me. I give plenty of advice. No, man listen it ain’t no funeral around here. We’ll be alright. We’ll be just fine. I know what the problems are. I don’t need to call anybody to tell me what the issue is. I know what the issue is.

“Just spend time with the people here. We all know where we are and how we got here and what we’ve got to do and keep moving forward. It’s not complicated. Very simple, actually. Simple things lead to big things. Until we get great at the details, we won’t get it turned around.

“Sometimes to make progress, you have to go backwards. We are not going to make progress if we aren’t better fundamentally. We aren’t going to make progress if we don’t have more discipline… penalties, ball security, the basics. We have to be better at the basics if we are going to be better at anything else.”