Cincinnati ranked as one of the most influential US music cities

Move over, Nashville. There’s a new Music City: Cincinnati.

According to recent research by 888 Casino, Cincinnati is ranked the seventh most influential music city in the U.S. and the most influential city in Ohio.

The study looked at the birthplaces of the 1,000 most “influential” American artists, looking at how many of their songs have been sampled, remixed and covered in other commercially released songs to discover the U.S. cities with the most musical influence.

Ranked seventh overall, Cincinnati was ahead Hoboken, New Jersey, at eighth and just behind Atlanta at sixth. New York City and Los Angeles clinched the top two spots.

Statewide, Cincinnati ranked first, with other Ohio cities Cleveland, London and Dayton ranked second through fourth.

The research ranked the Isley Brothers as Cincinnati’s most influential music group, with their tracks being sampled, covered and remixed in commercially released songs 1,130 times, more than any other band or musician from the city.

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