Broncos Could be Left Hanging if Green Bay Meets Aaron Rodgers’ Rumored Guarantee Demand

hen last we heard anything meaningful on the Aaron Rodgers trade rumor front, NFL Network’s James Palmer reported that the Denver Broncos are a “legitimate landing spot” for the NFL’s reigning MVP. Between then and now, there was the PR tentpole of the NFL releasing its 2021 regular-season schedule for all 32 teams, which, for the first time ever, will include 17 games.

Lost in the din of the schedule release were comments by a couple of Rodgers’ long-time Green Bay Packers teammates — former wideout James Jones and fullback John Kuhn. Kuhn recently appeared on NFL Network and revealed his optimism that the Rodgers-Packers feud is fixable.

“I’m sure contract is part of that,” Kuhn said. “I’m sure that years guaranteed is a part of that. Not just being a highest-paid quarterback or the highest paid at your position. But I believe the security going forward is a part of that, and I also believe being on the same page as having open communication where all sides feel like they are being heard. Aaron and I are friends.

We spent a decade of our lives together in the same meeting rooms, on the same practice field. So we do talk. And quite frankly this is something that I believe is fixable.”

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