Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean Recalls the Last Time He Ran Into Britney Spears: ‘It Broke My Heart’

For McLean, the most harrowing moment of Spears’ explosive June 23 court hearing was when the 39-year-old pop superstar said she isn’t allowed to remove her IUD to have a baby, which the former boy band member described as “physical abuse” and “grotesque.” McLean also claimed Spears was pretty much his neighbor and that they both frequent the same shopping center and little cupcake shop. However, last time he saw her at the cupcake shop, the 43-year-old entertainer said, “It broke my heart.”

“When I last saw her, my wife asked me to go in to get some cupcakes for a birthday party for one of my daughter’s friends. Went in, she was there, she looked right at me and I was like, ‘Hey, it’s AJ!’ And she just kind of had this glass face,” he said. “Like, she just didn’t know who was there. It took her a minute. And then she realized it was me and we hugged and we talked for a brief moment. But I could just see that this wasn’t her, like, I’m not looking at the person I knew from years and years ago.”

What also doesn’t sit right with McLean as someone who’s been sober for nearly three years during his 20-year battle with substance abuse and addiction is that Spears cannot benefit from the same kind of help as him.

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